Uranos Rolling Roof System

Our product provides high climate control to the user with its specially designed aluminum panels that are collected back in one movement.

Our product, which creates a more airy environment by keeping the ceiling height constant at every point with its non-sloping flat roof design, offers an aesthetic outdoor shading solution.

Our Uranos rolling roof system offers aesthetic solutions to areas with snow problems thanks to its durable structure.

Our gutter height is 450 mm in our system. Thanks to the gutter height, which is often sought after in restaurants and special buildings, it offers the image desired by the buyers.

Our poles used are 145 mm x 110 mm specially designed poles.

Thanks to its stylish and resistant panels, it does not cause both water accumulation and water overflow problems.

Our system uses daylight and white light.

The maximum working dimensions of the system are facade 4000 mm, opening 7375 mm.

In our system, a specially designed accordion scissor system is used. In this way, with a single motor, our system is collected back with angular movement and can be stopped wherever our customers want.

Thanks to the design of our system, assembly and installation is very fast.