Our Mission

To offer quality, comfort and aesthetics together with our indoor and outdoor shading systems. Making your living spaces more enjoyable thanks to its high durability and long service life.

Our Vision

To shape the industry standards thanks to our production power, innovative products and global dealer network. To be a pioneering company that contributes to the brand value of our country while supporting the strengthening of our national economy with the employment and high added value we produce.

Our Principles

High Standard Production

Innovative Assortment

Project-Specific Production Flexibility

Fast Termin and Timely Delivery

Widespread Dealer Network and Ease of Access

High Added Value to the Country’s Economy

Quality Management System and Optimization

Expert Staff in the Field

Domestic Production and R&D

Sustainable Zero Waste Policy

Right Price and Scaling

High Environmental Sensitivity

Accessible Responsible Brand

Happy Customers

About Us

Persan Group Tente Pergola San ve Tic Ltd Şti, a company of Öz Branda Tekstil with over 25 years of commercial experience and over 10 years of corporate experience, is a company that has adopted the principle of quality and fast delivery, directing the aluminum, awning, tarpaulin and pergola sector.

Persan Group produces tens of products with its sub-details, 8 different main products in total, in its own facility with 100% own molds.

Thanks to its wide dealer network in the entire Turkish market and ISO quality certificate, as well as the EU countries roaming conformity certificate (CE), it will always continue to support the country’s economy with value added production and employment, thanks to its exports to many countries of the world.

Persan Group is happy to show its activities as a leading company in its sector, with the right price policy, dealer protection policy, innovative and useful product policy, without compromising on quality.