Titan Smart Roof System

Our product, which provides full protection against all weather conditions and high climate control thanks to its specially designed aluminum panels that can be insulated, offers comfort and confidence together.

Our product, which offers an affordable price thanks to the use of fewer profiles, provides high durability with its specially designed columns with thick rails, while it is a modern shading system with panels that can be positioned at the desired angle.

Unlimited color alternatives with electrostatic powder coating.

Our poles used are 145 mm x 110 mm specially designed poles.

Special design rail system with 100×150 mm section.

Thanks to its stylish and resistant panels, it does not cause both water accumulation and water overflow problems.

Possibility to turn on and off with one button with remote control.

Movable panels that can be positioned at the desired angle.

Integrated lighting with modern design and stylish appearance.

Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified in international standards.