Cassette Side Closure Tethys

Equipped with high quality transparent PVC fabric, our system is designed for you to enjoy the view panoramically.

It is frequently preferred in outdoor areas as it provides high protection in weather conditions that may adversely affect comfort such as wind, rain and heat.

Our product can be used as manual or motorized according to preference.


Unlimited color alternatives with electrostatic powder coating.

Product design for easy and practical assembly.

It can be produced as motorized or manual according to preference.

Gearbox specially designed for manual systems.

Possibility to turn on and off with one button with remote control.

High wind resistance thanks to aluminum spacer slats.

Transparent mica protects from wind and does not obscure the image.

Maximum width 450 cm.

Maximum height 300 cm.

Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified in international standards.