Pergola System Sirius

Our product, which stands out with its durable structure, is designed to power your commercial projects by providing the possibility of opening up to 700 cm thanks to its special section rails.

The recessed led lighting system specially designed for this product is among the most obvious reasons for our product to be preferred.

Our product, which provides four-season protection against adverse weather conditions with its maintenance-free high waterproof rate, has easy operation thanks to its remote-controlled motorized structure.


Unlimited color alternatives with electrostatic powder coating.

Decorative and stylish appearance with 110×145 mm carrier front poles.

The strongest version of 70×150 mm rail.

Possibility to open 700 cm at a time.

Possibility to turn on and off with one button with remote control.

All-season use with waterproof pvc block surface material.

Smooth manufacturing and longer lifetime with the blockout system processed on the frequency machine.

Maintenance-free special design system.

Recessed led lighting system.

Connecting equipment with innovative design.

Our products are ISO 9001 and CE certified in international standards.